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Commercial Car Wash Equipment and Supplies in Reno NV

White Water Solutions

Industries We Serve

Dealership Car Wash Systems

The cars on a car lot should sparkle to the point where they catch the eye of any potential customer driving by. But keeping that many new cars clean can be costly and pricey. We help auto dealerships save time and money by providing the best car wash technology and solutions in the business.

Commercial Car Wash

A car wash is not just a car wash. New and improved car wash technology helps streamline cleaning operations with smart tracking, water-saving control, and time management. Welcome to the future of intelligent car wash systems

Heavy Equipment Washing Systems

Clean equipment leads to higher efficiency. If you own and operate large machinery, you need to have a good way to clean it. We can help. With a complimentary on-site evaluation and consultation, we can set you up with a heavy equipment washing system that will keep your operations running strong and clean.

Truck Wash Systems

Truck washing is a niche business, but it’s important! Dirty semi-trucks can mean costly repairs and bad brand representation. Our truck washing systems are the best in the industry, which means they are fast, modern, efficient, eco-friendly. What truck business doesn’t want that?

No matter the industry, we have what you need.

Car Wash Chemicals

At White Water, we provide car washes with the highest quality car wash chemistry and technology. Our car wash tunnels offer the Fusion process and multi-step ceramic layering, revolutionary ceramic sealants that protect cars from dirt and grime long after they drive away.


We’re in the business of setting up entrepreneurs and investors with the best business model for a successful car wash.

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Environmental Impact

Modern car washes use far less water than washing your car in your driveway. Our car washes are developed to reuse water and direct water that can’t be reused to a treatment plant. Plus, our solutions are eco-friendly, because responsibility matters when washing a car.

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Driven, Committed, Innovative, and Customer-Centered

White Water Solutions has been in the car, truck, and heavy equipment washing industry since 1999.

We have seen the industry grow which leads us to continue to modify our business with developing trends. Our employees are our family and together we have over 50 years’ experience in the cleaning solutions industry.



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