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White Water Solutions

Driven, Committed, Innovative,
and Customer-Centered


White Water Solutions has been in the car, truck, and heavy equipment washing industry since 1999. We have seen the industry grow which leads us to continue to modify our business with developing trends. Our employees are our family and together we have over 50 years’ experience in the cleaning solutions industry.


Being in the car wash business means we are in the customer satisfaction business.


We are experts in our field, providing our customers with the best option around building, maintaining, and servicing customized:


Touchless hand-held car wash bay
High volume low-pressure cleaning systems
Both Softtouch and touchfree combination units

Hot, high-pressure steam cleaning systems
Smart Gun, Two-Step cleaning systems
Offering both full and mini conveyorized tunnel


Our customers include auto dealerships, heavy equipment fleets, trucking fleets, and car wash enterprises. We are in the business of helping companies drop labor costs, save time, increase profit margins, and comply with environmental regulations.

car vent
car vent

About Our Intelligent Control Wash Wise™
Production, Tracking, and Control System

White Water is leading the industry with its innovative technology and equipment that streamlines operations by:

Using smart tracking systems for better analytics Reducing the risk of vehicle and equipment damage

It’s time to get rid of unnecessary overhead and labor costs.

Increasing technician accountability Maintaining department billing accountability

Our Mission

Our mission is to work as a team, attract clients we enjoy working with, fulfill objectives, and provide uncompromising quality with innovative solutions. We aim to achieve astonishing end results. We consistently deliver a flawless product and back it up with first-rate customer service. White Water Solutions knows that your image, as well as your customer’s image, are just as important as the bottom line.

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Are you ready to shine in the truck, heavy equipment, and car washing business? We can help.


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