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5 Tips for a Kid-Friendly Car Wash

Kid-friendly car washes represent a must for parents on the go. Between constant chauffeuring to and from preschool or school, Gymboree, sporting events, music lessons, karate, and numerous afterschool activities, parents’ automobiles take constant beatings.

From diaper bags to backpacks, juice boxes to gummy worms and pretzels, families desperately need regular help keeping their vehicles clean. But they may be deterred from visiting your wash as often as they’d like by youngsters afraid of the tunnel or youth bored by the downtime.

That said, families represent a unique and very important demographic at your facility. So, how do you capture their repeat business? With a kid-friendly car wash…

Here are our top 5 picks for ways to make your facility more welcoming to children:

One. Sponsor a Little League Team

It’s that time of year again, and many local leagues are desperately looking for corporate sponsors. While the cost for sponsorship varies, few ways exist to more cheaply and effectively increase your wash’s name recognition and connection to the community. From signage on the field to acknowledgement on team shirts and the league’s official website, the exposure will pay for itself.

Two. Get Minor Help

Besides sponsoring a local little league team, why not consider advertising with your city’s nearest minor league team? From on-field signage to advertisements in game programs, connecting with a local minor league team will help your wash gain community-wide brand recognition. Before you know it, you’ll have fans, players, and families regularly visiting your wash. That said, why not go with a sports theme and make yourself the “League Wash” of your municipality?

Three. Throw Kid-Friendly Characters into the Mix

When it comes to family-themed washes, sports represent just the tip of the iceberg. Why not go with bright paint and fun characters children will love? For example, one wash in Southern California created a dinosaur-themed wash with on-site animatronic characters. Colorful and engaging, the wash has received rave reviews from its youngest customers. And what parent would pass up the opportunity to entertain their children AND get their vehicle cleaned?

From dinosaurs to unicorns, the whimsical creatures to choose from are endless. And you don’t have to opt for fancy animatronics. A creative paint job, themed signage, and a few quarter machines filled with candy and themed toys will put your wash far ahead of the pack in the eyes of local kids.

Four. How About a Mascot?

While you’re at it, why not encapsulate the entire theme for an entertaining, child-approved wash around one specific mascot? From bears to ducks to sea creatures, many car washes around the country already do just that. So, jump on the mascot wagon with the help of a marketing consultant and/or graphic designer and watch your wash’s popularity with the little ones soar!

Five. Make a Splash with Unique Tunnel Features

The first four tips in this article provide you with quick, cost-effective ways of optimizing your facility’s attractiveness to families. But fun car wash options don’t stop with paint and mascots. Many wash manufacturers now offer a variety of amusing options that get the family seal of approval. From LED tunnel light shows to “Bubble-Canos” to windows with installed, in-tunnel water guns, the options remain innovative and engaging.

Make your facility a memorable experience for your “youngest clients,” and their parents will return time and again for an enjoyable trip and a clean car. Relatively simple changes geared towards families mean a kid-friendly car wash. Stand out from the competition and naturally connect more deeply and permanently with the community by investing in a family-oriented theme. What’s more, your wash’s newfound personality will boldly distinguish it from other washes in the vicinity. The family-friendly wash trend continues to grow. It’s time to consider how targeting families will enhance your community presence, earn you repeat customers, differentiate your wash from the rest, and grow your bottom line.

Find any of these tips useful? Contact us today to learn more about how a kid-freindly car wash will differentiate your enterprise from the competition.

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