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Top Hotsy Hot-Water Pressure Washers

hotsy hot water pressure washers

Hotsy is America’s #1 pressure washer brand for good reason. Not only are their products built to perform but they also stand behind their cleaning equipment because they truly get the job done. As Reno’s premiere Hotsy dealer and service provider, we can find you the right pressure washer for your needs. Plus, we are … Read more

Top Hotsy Detergents

Truck Driver Washing His Semi

Car and truck washes need the best solutions to keep their business successful. Here at White Water Solutions, we carry Hotsy detergents for our customers. These solutions are the best in the industry for good reason. They are adept at cleaning grime, while tackling tough engine degreasing. The detergents are biodegradable as well, making Hotsy … Read more

We Are Your Local GYEON Quartz Distributor

gyeon quartz products

GYEON is a leader in automotive and marine care products. By developing, formulating, and manufacturing nearly all the solutions at their laboratory and facilities in South Korea, GYEON Quartz has a level of quality control unmatched in the industry. Here at White Water Solutions, we are proud to offer GYEON products to our clients out … Read more

What’s a WaterSavers Car Wash?

car wheel

Many people are under the impression that car washes waste water. Car washes use water, of course, but they actually use significantly less water than washing a car with a hose and a bucket, especially if said car wash is a WaterSavers car wash. A car wash built with WaterSavers technology uses less water and … Read more

Hotsy’s VitalOxide: The Ultimate Disinfectant Sanitizer


VitalOxide is Hotsy’s top disinfectant, used in a variety of industries to sanitize and protect surfaces from molds, odors, and bacteria. The solution is one part, stable, chlorine dioxide disinfectant sanitizer, an EPA-registered cleaner that can be the step your business needs to keep everyone healthy. This product is simple but with many solutions. It … Read more

Top Hotsy Electric Hot-Water Pressure Washers

Hotsy model 795SS

Hotsy is the number one brand of pressure washers and for good reason. Not only do they make competitively-priced high-pressure cleaners, they also feature innovative design and excellent customer service. Hotsy products are extremely user-friendly and licensed dealers like us here at White Water Solutions are always ready to service Hotsy products. We are factory-trained … Read more

How to Make a Car Wash Successful

car wash entrance

The car wash industry can provide plenty of new business opportunities, but starting up a new car wash isn’t easy. From the equipment that you use to finding the perfect location, many factors contribute to starting a successful car wash business. Careful planning and attention to these key elements can increase your chances of building … Read more

How to Start a Car Wash Business

car wash

Now’s the time to get into the car wash business! According to a Market Analysis Report by Grand View Research, the global car wash service market was valued at $33 billion USD in 2019 and is expected to grow 3.2% every year until 2025! The forecast is based on the fact that more consumers are … Read more