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Hotsy Wash Bay Pressure Washer Solutions for Your Commercial Trucking Fleet

Is a Hotsy Wash Bay Pressure Washer System right for your commercial trucking fleet?

Mud. Filth. Road residue. Do you struggle to keep your commercial trucking fleet clean?

Dirt is more than a visual nuisance. Not only do unsightly exteriors deter potential customers, but buildup of filth results in real damage.

The “Dirt” on Dirt

From heavy soils to slack stains, diesel exhaust to road films, grime and gunk lead to costly, time-consuming repairs… Repairs that are fully preventable. What’s more, accumulations of dirt and mud decrease the hauling capacity of your fleet.

Fortunately, Hotsy pressure washers provide a variety of options to meet your fleet cleaning needs, from standard high pressure washer machines to wash bays. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of a Hotsy Wash Bay Pressure Washer System.

The Hotsy Advantage

Hotsy’s pressure washing system includes the pressure washer of your choice located remotely in your facility, with a trolley system of pressure washer parts. These can include hoses and wands, allowing multiple users at one time.

An onsite wash bay is easier to maintain than a mobile pressure washer, and it is tailor-made to fit your specific cleaning needs. And these aren’t the only benefits…

Located away from the water and grime of the wash bay, the pressure washer is usually in a separate equipment room. This not only protects the pressure washer system but reduces service calls and extends the longevity of the machine. By being mounted or installed in a designated equipment room, you prevent the risk of a portable pressure washer freezing if left outside after use.

The ideal pressure washer for wash bays runs on natural gas or LP gas. Since the fuel source is piped in, no refueling is required. These pressure washers require less maintenance and offer more years of use because natural gas and LP units have one third fewer moving parts.

Optimal Flexibility & Utility

A multiple gun system means you have one pressure washer with several guns and hoses located in the wash bay. This provides you with optimal flexibility and utility since more pressure washer parts mean more than one user can clean simultaneously.

Hose reels, trolley kits, and swivel hose booms lift the hoses off the ground. They keep hoses away from grease and oil and out of harm’s way. These also keep the hoses from posing a potential a trip hazard and offer labor savings utility for ease of use.

Besides keeping hoses clean and undamaged, it’s also important to consider convenience. Pressure washer parts and hoses are easy to maneuver around the vehicle you are cleaning, and they’re a cinch to put away.

Hotsy wash bays have expandable curtain walls that keep overspray and contaminants inside the cleaning area. These curtains can be retracted when the pressure washer system is not in use.

Finally, a remote control allows the user to turn the pressure washer on or off without needing to walk back and forth to the machine. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

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