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Maximize the Customer Experience & Make Car Wash Sales Soar

The Customer Experience

How well does your car wash appeal to customers? Does your marketing try to “hard-sell” them with over-the-top advertising narrowly focused on products and services? Or does your wash emphasize the customer experience, appealing directly to their feelings and inspiring first-time customers to become loyal fans?

Selling the customer experience instead of focusing solely on products and services isn’t a new technique. But it’s a crucial one to understand and emulate IF you want to ramp up your wash’s ROI and encourage repeat customers. So, what do I mean by the customer experience?

Crafting Customer Experience Success

Just think about the marketing employed by Starbucks or Apple… Both companies showcase the customer experience expertly, making customers feel special, a part of something that is unique. They tap into their customers’ feelings imparting the sense that they are discerning, sophisticated, cutting-edge individuals who value quality and consistency.

The result? Crowds of loyal customers willing to gobble up overpriced products and services simply to remain connected to the experience and shared sense of identity. Why does this work so well?

For many customers, the act of shopping is a process inherently filled with emotions. These feelings represent powerful motivators driving consumers toward specific brands, services, and products.

Returning to the Starbucks example, the process of choosing which coffee to purchase isn’t that different than deciding which car wash to visit. In both cases, the customer is looking for an experience. They’re looking for something extra that makes them feel special. Whether it’s a trendy coffee or a clean car, customer experience drives the sale.

How to Positively Impact Customer Experience

Understanding the power of customer experience and how it drives sales represents a crucial aspect of surviving and succeeding in the car wash industry today. After all, your wash sells far more than a clean vehicle. It sells self-image. It sells sex. It sells authority, professionalism, power, reputation, you name it…

So, how can you guarantee that your wash gets in on the customer experience game? First of all, it’s essential that you pay attention to several areas of the wash that many owners and operators tend to overlook or even neglect such as:

  • Dynamic, colorful, clear signage
  • Attractive, well-maintained landscaping
  • Properly functioning equipment
  • Music and entertainment
  • Maintaining a visually tight, smooth operation
  • Having friendly, neatly dressed employees

These are but a handful of ways to differentiate your wash from the competition and earn customer loyalty. It’s also important to remember that customers choose to frequent businesses with which they feel a connection.

Connect with Your Customers

How do you inspire that connection between your business and your customers? By aligning customers’ special interests with yours. That way, you make it clear to your customers that they can trust your brand and company to deliver a superior product each and every time that they visit.

Delivering a positive customer experience requires two fundamental elements. First, the customer must receive high quality service and recognize its superior quality. Second, they must feel great supporting your business. If you can inspire these two feelings in your customers, they will walk away with a positive experience. And the next time they see your wash’s logo, they’ll feel great about their support of your business.

Questions to Consider

How well does your car wash promote the customer experience? Could your marketing message and goals use a revamp? Is your wash facility in need of a makeover? Could your employees benefit from customer service training and/or tidier appearances?

These are all important questions to consider as you evaluate your company’s current strategy and business goals over the long haul. White Water Solutions has been in the business of helping car washes succeed since 1999. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you overhaul your car wash, boost your ROI, and revolutionize your business.