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Top Hotsy Electric Hot-Water Pressure Washers

Hotsy is the number one brand of pressure washers and for good reason. Not only do they make competitively-priced high-pressure cleaners, they also feature innovative design and excellent customer service. Hotsy products are extremely user-friendly and licensed dealers like us here at White Water Solutions are always ready to service Hotsy products. We are factory-trained to properly evaluate your high-pressure cleaning needs and provide on-site maintenance for your Hotsy equipment.

If you aren’t sure what Hotsy products would benefit your business, we can also provide an on-site demonstration to determine which pressure washers will help speed cleaning and lower your costs.

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White Water Solutions offers a wide range of Hotsy products. No matter how big the job, Hotsy has the right type of cleaning equipment to get it done. Here are the top Electric Hot Water Pressure Washers to consider.

Model 333

Model 333 is an electric hot-water pressure washer that features an upright design. Because it sits horizontally on puncture-proof wheels with a tilting aid, this pressure washer is easy to move, use, and store.

Other features include:

  • An exhaust temperature sensor that offers protection against overheating
  • Auto start/stop to protect the pump when not in use
  • Heat exchanger for low exhaust emissions and minimal operating costs and to promote efficiency
  • Downdraft burner to help reduce fuel consumption
  • Three pressure washer modes: off, cold, hot
  • Water filter to protect the high pressure pump against contamination and easy to remove
Hotsy Electric Hot-Water Pressure Washers Model 333

With a 33-foot high pressure hose and downstream detergent injection, the Model 333 can reach tall vehicles and clean efficiently. Three different nozzle positions also make this mobile pressure washer a great way to clean. Finally, the Model 333 hot water pressure features 1.7 GPM @ 1200 PSI, an oil-fired heater, and an axial pump.

Nozzle Positions

800 Series

The 800 Series are electric/belt drive hot-water pressure washers that feature an upright oil fired burner to maintain constant temperature. Because the 800 Series uses diesel fuel, kerosene, or home-heating oil, these pressure washers are reliable and energy efficient. The simple, easy-to-use washer has a 50-foot hose to reach around a large area and a control panel with an adjustable thermostat. The adjustable upstream detergent injection ensures high-pressure sudsing for a complete clean.

Hotsy Electric Hot-Water Pressure Washers 800 Series

The 800 Series has many insightful features that make it user-friendly like on-board wand and cord storage, 12-inch solid rubber tires for easy maneuvering and minimal risk of flat tires, and beefy casters for easy movement. The easily removable cover provides protection and easy access to components and a hose-reel slot accepts the swivel or stationary reels for ease in hose management and storage. The protective cabinet contains the water-resistant electric box while the float box helps maintain constant water pressure and flow while helping to prevent sediment from entering the machine’s components.

Technical features include:

  • 4.0-5.0 GPM @ 2000 to 3000 PSI
  • Hotsy Crossfire Oil Fired Burner
  • 208V, 230V, 460V or 575V, 1PH or 3PH
  • Belt Drive Pump

The 800 Series has a heater coil with a 5-year warranty and Hotsy-designed Triplex pumps which carry a 7-year limited warranty.

Years Warranty

900/1400 Series

The 900/1400 Series of Hot-Water Pressure Washers are more stationary units. Featuring an upright, vertical coil with a 1/2-inch schedule, 80 pipe wrapped with a thick foil blanket insulation, delivering high efficiency and maintaining constant temperature using natural or LP gas. The Programmable Smart Control Automation provides complete control over the machine’s run time, auto start/stop, and time delay shutdown functionality.

The locking lid prevents accidental removal of both panels around the belt and pulley while the sleek side and front removable panels provide easy access to the entire washer for service and maintenance. The adjustable upstream detergent injection ensures high-pressure sudsing for a better cleaning and the pressure relief valve protects the machine and user from thermal expansion.

Hotsy Electric Hot-Water Pressure Washers 900/1400 Series

Technical features include:

  • 4.0-5.0 GPM @ 2000 to 3000 PSI
  • NG Fired or LP Fired
  • 208V or 230V, 1PH; 208V, 230V, 460V or 575V, 3PH
  • ETL-Certified to UL-1776 safety standards

The float tank on the 900/1400 Series helps maintain constant water pressure and flow while helping to prevent sediment from entering the machine’s components. Plus, this high-pressure cleaner features the same footprint as previous generations for easy upgradability.

795SS, 895SS, and 790SS

These hot-water pressure washers also run on electric and belt-drive systems. These models feature upright, oil-fired burners that deliver high efficiency with diesel fuel, kerosene, or home-heating oil. The high quality float valve helps maintain constant pressure and flow and traps sediment or debris. It is recessed at the center of the chassis for protection and balance. Each model features a rugged belt drive to provide a smooth, quiet operation, and outstanding reliability and a control panel with adjustable temperature control.

Model 795SS comes with a 5HP, 230V, 1 PH Baldor electric motor with thermal overload protection and manual reset and features 3.5 GPM @ 2000 PSI while Model 895SS features 3.5 GPM @ 3000 PSI.

Hotsy Electric Hot-Water Pressure Washers 795SS, 895SS, and 790SS

Like other Hotsy pressure washers, these models have a pressure relief valve to protect the machine and user from thermal expansion. Other safety features include a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) to provide protection from shock hazards. The built-in wand and nozzle holders provide convenient storage while pneumatic tires with inner tubes provide easy maneuverability over pavement or rough terrain.

Technical features for each of these models include:

  • 2.8 or 3.5 GPM @ 2000 or 3000 PSI
  • Oil Fired Burners
  • 208V or 230V, 1PH
  • 4 to 8.2 HP
  • 1330 or 1490 RPM Belt Drive Pumps

HWE Series

This series of hot-water pressure washers is also more stationary rather than mobile on wheels. The water in this machine is heated in a stainless steel coil submerged in a tank of water solution for efficient heat transfer and instant hot water with the pull of the trigger. A layer of oil rests on the surface of the tank water solution for additional retention of heat and to prevent evaporation. It also contains nine high-efficiency heating elements that do not come in contact with the pressurized water, resulting in reduced scale build-up, lower maintenance, and longer life.

Hotsy Electric Hot-Water Pressure Washers HWE Series

The motor and pump on these models are mounted on a power platform with four vibration isolators to minimize shaking and stress on the frame. With the switch in the “ON” position, the Auto Start function allows the unit to be turned on with the pull of the trigger for convenient remote operation. 50 feet of double-wire braided high pressure hose is rated for up to 5000 PSI and a 24-inch hose guard is used for burst protection and swivel crimp fitting for tangle-free handling of hose and trigger gun.

The insulated, fatigue-free Trigger Gun with a stainless steel, dual-lance Variable Pressure Wand make for easy cleaning and adjusting the pressure while washing. Plus, an easy-to-attach detergent injector makes for easy soap application and four quick-coupler hardened stainless steel nozzles are mounted for ready access.

Technical features include:

  • Up to 4.0 GPM/ Up to 3000 PSI
  • Up to 7.5 HP Motor
  • Stainless Steel Coil
  • 7-year Pump / 5-year Coil Warranty

Hotsy pressure washers clean best when matched with specially formulated Hotsy detergents. Nearly all detergents contain Hotsy’s exclusive advanced-formula HCC additives to help prevent scale buildup and to fight corrosion in your equipment. All are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

As your local Hotsy dealer, we are happy to provide an onsite demonstration to find the washer right for you and your business. We are also ready to help with any machinery that may be experiencing any sort of malfunction.

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