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Why You Need a Water Reclaim System

Today, wash owners deal with a variety of complicated factors—from stricter environmental regulations to more rigorous effluent and sewage control measures—that can get in the way of success. Fortunately, a water reclaim system will not only help you address these challenges, it will increase your profitability and make your business more eco-friendly.

A water reclaim system purifies and recycles water. In the process, they remove solid waste disposal including dirt, oil, and other components of road film purged during the wash. When this cleaned and recycled water gets reused in the car wash, it is great for the environment and can boost profitability.

Challenges for Water Reclaim Systems

A water reclaim system, like the other equipment at your wash, requires proper operation and maintenance. Among the greatest challenges of operating a wash involves accounting for the chemicals introduced into the water during the cleansing process.

From presoaks to foamers to wheel and tire cleaners to insect removers, these products must be compatible with a water reclaim system. And don’t forget the water displacing protectants such as sealers, surface protectants, triple foams, and drying agents. If these components prove chemically incompatible with your water reclamation system, it will significantly and negatively impact your system’s functionality.

When issues develop, your service providers need to work with chemical suppliers to guarantee that your entire reclaim system is in balance. Fortunately, reclaim compatible products allow the reclaim system to function effectively. Taking these factors into account not only allows your business to reduce its impact on the environment and increase profitability, but you’ll be providing your customers with impeccable vehicles and a great wash experience.

Water Conservation & Your Wash

Water represents the lifeblood of your vehicle wash. A waste water treatment system that restores water remains crucial to your wash’s success, particularly during periods of drought. It will also help you reduce water and sewer bills thereby increasing profitability. It’s a win-win for you, your customers, and the environment.

The key to making your water reclaim system run smoothly? The right wash solution experts. From design, installation, and maintenance of your water reclaim system to ensuring that the most compatible chemical products run through it, White Water Solutions offers the industry expertise and knowledge you need to get your reclaim system up and running.

Will 2017 be the year that you install, reassess, or revamp your water reclaim system? Let us guarantee its success and yours. Contact us today for a complimentary assessment and quote.