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Commercial Car Wash Chemicals


We are the exclusive Norther Nevada Dealer for GYEON USA, a global leader in ceramic coatings and detailing products directly to the USA. The GYEON detailing products line up is at the top of its class. It mixes highly technical product construction with easy to use formulas and exciting packaging that makes the detailing experience fun from start to finish.

OMNISheild and Shield 88
Long-Term Disinfectant Surface Protection

Our proprietary antimicrobial features state-of-the-art nanotechnology which creates a barrier between harmful germs and viruses and the surface. A Certificate of Protection is available for display when OMNIShield and Shield 88 are in use.

Smart Solutions Hand Sanitizer

Our Smart Solutions hand sanitizer is gentle on the skin but tough on germs, including viruses, which not all hand sanitizers can claim. Most sanitizers are antibacterial, but only sanitizers with 80% or higher alcohol by volume can effectively eliminate viruses.


CeraBond provides a powerful, long-lasting shine that car owners can feel good about and come back for again and again. . CeraBond ceramic solutions protect the car long after it drives away and is the leading technology in car wash products. 


The CERAMIC X3 layering process forms a durable shield to protect the car from dirt, bird droppings, road salt, and so much more. By providing a superior hydrophobic water repellency, the car will stay clean and shiny long after drivers get their car washed. 


Interested in Hotsy products? We got you! Hotsy is the number one brand in pressure washers for commercial use and quality detergents, and we only work with the best! Not only does White Water sell Hotsy products, but we will also service and repair your pressure washers when you need it.