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Ceramic Coating Diamond Shine from Sonny’s Car Wash Chemistry


A product that protects cars at the molecular level.

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CERAMIC X3 is a three-step process:

  1. Enhances Fusion Process for Exceptional Gloss and Color Depth
  2. Advanced Multi-Layering for Superior Water Repellency
  3. Bonds at the Molecular Level for Longer-Lasting Protection

Give your customers a reason to pay top dollar at the car wash.

The CERAMIC X3 layering process forms a durable shield to protect the car from dirt, bird droppings, road salt, and so much more. By providing a superior hydrophobic water repellency, the car will stay clean and shiny long after drivers get their car washed.

Combined with Fusion products, CERAMIC X3 results in:

  • Superior Customer Satisfaction
  • Higher ROI for Your Car Wash
  • A Reason to Outshine Your Competition


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