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Auto dealership car wash
solutions in Reno NV made easy.

Happy customers lead to better business, and car dealerships have many opportunities to make customers happy. From the sales floor to the service department, you’ll want to make sure your CSI (customer satisfaction index) is high. But guess what also makes a new car owner happy? A super clean car!

dealer car wash checmicals and equipment supplier

Most auto dealerships have on-site car washing technology, but is it up to par?


White Water offers both customizable, held-held as well as automated car wash equipment on auto dealership lots, providing accessible and efficient cleaning capabilities. With our all-inclusive Wash Star Program and Intelligent Control Wash Wise™ Production, our car wash equipment features eco-friendly products, a modern tracking system, and the most up-to-date technologies available.


When it comes to analytics, you want the numbers to help prove productivity. Our tracking system not only helps dealerships monitor how much solution is used when washing each car and the time spent with each car, but also helps save with expense management. We are in the business of employee productivity, optimum efficiency, and affecting the car dealership’s bottom line.

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leather seat

Dealership car washes just got a
whole lot faster, easier, and affordable.


Once a customer commits to a new car on your lot, they expect it to have more than just that new car smell. It better turn heads as they drive it home! With White Water car wash technology, your auto dealership can make that happen.

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