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Q²R GelCoat

The ultimate protective marine ceramic coat for gelcoat and yacht paint. Protects against UV-rays and oxidation. Repels dirt and minimizes stains. Highly water mark resistant. Easy to use 1 layer formula. Highly concentrated ceramic coating, has an extreme chemical resistance and as a solid layer, it protects against both of these aspects.

APPLICATION – Work on larger sections, maximum 1x1m. Wipe off immediately after application. Do not let dry on the surface. TIP: Apply in circular motion to get the best surface coverage. Wipe off with GYEON Q²M PolishWipe or GYEON Q²M BaldWipe.

Q²R Teak

Q²R Teak is an innovative ceramic coating specially designed for marine wood. This teak coating protects marine wood against chemicals, UV rays and liquids.

Q²R FabricCoat

The first fully functional textile protectant containing SiO₂. Q²R FabricCoat might be used on all exterior and interior fabrics on any seacraft. It will produce durable and strong protection against UV rays, discoloration and dirt.

Q²R Degrease

Preparation is key. No matter if it is gelcoat, painted metal, wood or composite/carbon fiber, every surface needs to be degreased well before a ceramic coating can be applied. Q²R Degrease has been designed to remove polishing oil and other types of former protection in order to create a smooth and clean surface, ready to receive the new protection of a marine coating.

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