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Q²M Compound

QQ²M Compound is a cutting polishing compound paste, delivering excellent performance and a high level of scratch removal combined with a very low level of dust and an incomparable finish. Correct technique combined with an eccentric polisher allows to use Q²M Compound as a one-step product!

Q²M Compound+

Q²M Compound+ is a heavy cutting polish compound paste that delivers an improved level of scratch removal and high abrasion with a low level of dust and limited secondary defects. Although it does leave light holograms, they are simple to remove with one pass of Q²M Polish.

Q² Primer

Q² Primer is an ultra-light finish and SiO₂ coating primer. It provides superb pre-coating surface preparation and an incredibly glossy finish. Its main aim is to perfect the finish on the paints which are hardest to work with, dramatically reducing the risk of scratch marks during the final wipe off before applying a ceramic coating. Q² Primer leaves a smooth and slick surface, ready to coat.


QMaintaining paint protection film has never been that easy. Q²M PPF Renew combines light abrasive particles with protective (and repellent) additives, creating a resistant and highly self-cleaning finish. The PPF polish allows both machine and hand application, removing haze and oxidation while leaving a smooth, glossy and repellent finish. It is the world’s first maintenance product containing silica and designed from scratch to work at its best on all types of PPF, including modern self-healing films.

Q²M Polish

Q2M Polish is a high quality and fine finishing polish to bring out the most gloss and clarity of your paint system. With a medium level of cut and high level of finish it is also a great one step polish using low oils, no fillers, and high quality diminishing abrasives.

Q²M Metal Polish

Q²M MetalPolish is the number one metal and chrome polish cream solution when it comes to restoring and polishing metal, aluminium, stainless steel or chrome parts. Highly effective, safe on all surfaces and very easy to use.

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