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Q²M Iron WheelCleaner

The perfect wheel cleaner. Q2M Iron WheelCleaner is a dedicated and highly effective wheel cleaner for all wheel finishes. Combining specific detergents, iron remover, and a gel consistency, this iron removing wheel cleaner makes quick and effective work of the wheel cleaning duties


A high-quality rim ceramic coating designed specifically for your wheels. Q2 RIM uses a thick but easy to apply SiO2 based chemistry to protect the finish of your wheels from road grime, salt, brake dust, and high temperatures to keep them looking new and easy to clean.

Q²M Tire Express

Q²M Tire Express is the ultimate tire and rubber cleaner dressing offering fantastic looks matched with a simple, straightforward application. It will restore the “factory fresh” look of the tire and keep it for many a hundred miles.

It builds a repellent, self-cleaning layer that helps to keep the tire clean and will not diminish even during a long drive in rainy conditions. Alternative to other tire cleaning and dressings.

Q²M TireCleaner

Q²M TireCleaner is a specialized and highly effective tire and rubber cleaner. It removes old dressings and deep, accumulated contamination with ease. Q²M TireCleaner is safe on all types of tires, including classic white-wall rubber.

It will soak deep in the porous structure of the material and loosen accumulated dirt and contamination. Q²M TireCleaner dissolves tire dressings and prepares the surface prior to dressing application. Can be followed or used with wheel cleaners and Q² Tire.

Q² Tire

Q2 Tire is the first SiO2 based tire protectant to hit the market. It’s non sling gel consistency, log term performance, and natural satin finish make it a perfect tire dressing.

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