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Heavy equipment works
better when it’s clean.


That means making sure that your construction or manufacturing business has the resources available to clean your equipment. When it comes to a heavy equipment wash system, we have what you need.


White Water Solutions will provide your business with customized solutions to keep your loaders, tractors, mining equipment, and more sparkling clean and working efficiently. When all the components on heavy equipment are well-oiled and clear of mud and gunk, they will require fewer repairs and ultimately stay operating for longer!


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Eco-Friendly Wash

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Customized Solutions

Wash Star Program
2 Star, 3 Star
Full blown inspection, certified
Helps lengthen warranty

Our complete program includes a robust heavy equipment wash system with eco-friendly detergents which we will install, maintain, and service on-site. But we won’t stop there. We will help train your employees on how to use the system and provide ongoing technical support after we leave.


It’s time to stop washing time, money, and labor down the drain.

Here at White Water Solutions, we know how hard you work to make your business thrive every day. And we also know that the last thing standing in your way should be dirt or grime. With our fail-safe products and extensive technical support, we’ll transform your heavy equipment washing bay from a loss leader to a revenue generator.

Contact us today for a complimentary on-site evaluation and consultation of your heavy equipment washing options.