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Hotsy Wash Bay Pressure Washer Solutions for Your Commercial Trucking Fleet

blue semi truck

Is a Hotsy Wash Bay Pressure Washer System right for your commercial trucking fleet? Mud. Filth. Road residue. Do you struggle to keep your commercial trucking fleet clean? Dirt is more than a visual nuisance. Not only do unsightly exteriors deter potential customers, but buildup of filth results in real damage. The “Dirt” on Dirt … Read more

Go Green with an Eco-Friendly Car Wash at Your Dealership

earth with water droplets on leaf

The Car Wash Show 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, provides the world’s largest car care trade show, meeting place, and networking event in the United States. This year’s theme centers around helping attendees “redefine how you think about your business.” Celebrating Earth Day brings to mind the preciousness of our planet. What better time to invest … Read more

5 Tips for a Kid-Friendly Car Wash

kids in backseat

Kid-friendly car washes represent a must for parents on the go. Between constant chauffeuring to and from preschool or school, Gymboree, sporting events, music lessons, karate, and numerous afterschool activities, parents’ automobiles take constant beatings. From diaper bags to backpacks, juice boxes to gummy worms and pretzels, families desperately need regular help keeping their vehicles clean. … Read more