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Interested in Hotsy products? We got you! Hotsy is the number one brand in pressure washers for commercial use and quality detergents, and we only work with the best!

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Not only does White Water sell Hotsy products, but we will also service and repair your pressure washers when you need it. Our factory-trained technicians will come to you and repair your Hotsy machinery using genuine Hotsy replacement parts.

Top Hotsy Products:

The Hotsy 555HE features a high-efficiency downdraft burner delivering higher cleaning performance and lower operating costs. The stainless steel coil cover provides extra durability against the elements and rugged operating conditions. The Hotsy triplex, direct drive, positive-displacement pump carries a 7-year warranty and a 5-year warranty on the heating coil. The Hotsy 555HE is ETL-certified to UL-1776 safety standards.

The commercial duty 1075BE pressure washer provides versatility. What's unique about this model is the roll cage design allows for easy conversion to a skid unit, portable with wheels or a wheel/caster kit, or can be mounted on a trailer. Powered by a reliable Honda gasoline engine and oil-fired, the cleaning power is 3500 PSI @ 4.0 GPM. Features a belt-drive Hotsy Triplex pump backed by Hotsy’s 7-year limited warranty, a standard pressure switch, and 50’ hose. ETL safety certified.

Hotsy's electric-powered model 790SS offers a nice balance of Hotsy ruggedness and cleaning performance, yet the affordability of an entry-level machine. The direct-drive Hotsy triplex pump has a seven-year warranty and uses fuel oil (kerosene, diesel #1, or diesel #2) to fire the burner. ETL safety certified and equipped with a 50-foot hose.

The 1260SS delivers serious hot water cleaning capability and is built to hold up under the toughest of conditions. The rugged roll cage design protects the stainless steel coil and Vanguard gas engine, which delivers 4.5 GPM @ 3000 PSI. All feature electric start (12V battery is required), the Hotsy Triplex pump with its seven-year warranty and ETL safety certification, and CSA-Certified. Equipped with a standard flow switch and 50-foot hose.


This highly concentrated detergent is extremely popular and effective for tackling crude oil and caked-on buildup of fifth-wheel grease, yet it’s gentle enough for fine finishes on cars and to use for general cleaning purposes. Helps restore all types of oxidized paint surfaces. Excellent in cold water.

A highly concentrated, non-caustic cleaner for heavy equipment and trucks. This fast-acting cleaner is especially effective on off-road and grease-clogged equipment and great on hard-to-remove road film on tractor/trailers. Safe to use indoors and on all painted surfaces. Excellent for cleaning shop floors and walls where inside cleaning is necessary.

Vital Oxide® is a hospital-grade disinfectant cleaner and is approved by the EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. This cleaner meets the EPA's emerging pathogen requirements for viruses showing efficacy against envelope and non-envelope viruses, both large and small. It is effective in inhibiting mold and mildew from growing for up to four weeks, and eliminates malodors due to smoke, trash, septic systems, stale cooking, and more, without using masking agents. It contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and kills a wide range of viruses, such as norovirus, and feline and canine coronaviruses. With its NSF listed D2 classification, Vital Oxide® kills 99.999% of bacteria, including E. coli, salmonella, and Listeria in less than 60 seconds. It is odorless, requires no-rinse, and does not alter the taste of food that has been prepared on sanitized surfaces. It is safe to use on pet bedding and sleeping areas and is a proven allergen eliminator, effective on pet dander, dust mites, and cockroach allergens. It also leaves HVAC systems and air ducts free of microbial contamination from bacteria, mold, mildew, and other fungi, while ensuring air quality.


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