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Keeping your truck fleet
clean should be top priority in Reno NV

The truck wash equipment we provide at White Water Solutions will keep your trucks clean, and that’s important. Not only do filthy trucks look bad and damage drivers’ pride, but grease, road film, diesel exhaust stains, and grime can lead to problems with components that lead to costly repairs. Plus, dirt and mud eventually decrease the hauling capacity of the vehicle.


Long story short,
dirty trucks lose money.

Save costs on
time and labor

That’s why if you have a trucking company, a commercial truck wash system should not be a second thought. Our customized Smart Gun, Two-Step Cleaning Systems are made to clean your equipment efficiently. By delivering fast-acting, eco-friendly detergents paired with high-pressure water rinses, our truck wash equipment will help save costs on time and labor, while keeping your truck fleet on the road.

smart gun icon

Customized Smart Gun

clean car tire

Two-Step Cleaning Systems

eco friendly detergent bottles

Eco-friendly detergents

Commercial trucks are an investment;
take care of them.


At White Water Solutions, we want you to take care of your vehicles. That means cleaning them regularly. When you have a large industrial fleet of semi-trucks, that can be easier said than done. With our high volume, low-pressure truck wash systems, the rest of your business can run smoothly and efficiently since your trucks will be clean!


By utilizing smart technology, our systems can give you the right data to make your company run more effectively. Our systems monitor how much detergent is being used and how long a truck takes to clean which gives you analytics for your business to always improve upon.

truck being washed

Pioneering the industry,
one truck at a time.

You are likely losing money on your truck washing efforts. It’s time to make a change. White Water Solutions will provide a free on-site consultation to see where your business can improve.

Let us help, and continue to support with our top-notch truck wash equipment.